First things first… Our Auto-Dialer does not make Robo Calls!

Statistically, 7 out of every 10 business calls to a residence go to voicemail. Why have an employee waste their time and your money by making manual calls?

Let our Auto-Dialer help you with Collections, Renewals, Service Notifications, Cancel Retention and Outbound Sales Campaigns

The Voice For Pest Auto-Dialer integrates with many pest control software systems and depending on the software, which provides fantastic integration features such as:

  • Auto-Note placed on the customer’s account
  • All Call Recording
  • Automated list creation and uploading
  • Results Report
  • Outbound call management based on agent availability

Keep your employees speaking with customers instead of leaving voicemails.

Voice Features

  • “Press 1” Option: customers can immediately be transferred to the appropriate individual or department
  • Live Answer Detection: ability to direct connect to a staff member
  • Answering Machine Detection: ability to leave alternate message
  • Make Campaigns Unique: by controlling outbound caller ID’s
  • Professional Voice-Over Talent: record messages
  • Schedule campaign start time & call rate
  • Predictive power preview modes
  • Text to speech insertions
  • Seasonal licensing

Text Features

  • Customers have text back option to immediately converse with the appropriate individual or department
  • Interactive SMS from your business telephone number(s)
  • Schedule campaign start time & call rate
  • Custom date and time insertions

Steps to create a Strategic Campaign:

  1. Appointment confirmations with “Press 1” rescheduling
  2. Post appointment dissatisfaction alerts
  3. Review requests to satisfied customers

During our collection campaign last week, we made $5,500 in 2 hours that normally would have taken one person two days to do.

- Insight Pest Solutions

Why are customers suddenly calling and paying their bills?”

CSR at Viking Pest (first day of using the Auto-Dialer)
All Phone Systems are Not Created Equal

Learn how our Auto-Dialer can increase efficiency, productivity, and profitability.

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