First things first… Our Auto-Dialer does not make Robo Calls!

Statistically, 7 out of every 10 business calls to a residence go to voicemail. Why have an employee waste their time and your money by making manual calls?

Let our Auto-Dialer help you with Collections, Renewals, Service Notifications, Cancel Retention and Outbound Sales Campaigns

The Voice For Pest Auto-Dialer integrates with many pest control software systems and depending on the software, which provides fantastic integration features such as:

  • Auto-Note placed on the customer’s account
  • All Call Recording
  • Automated list creation and uploading
  • Results Report
  • Outbound call management based on agent availability

Keep your employees speaking with customers instead of leaving voicemails.

Voice Features

  • “Press 1” Option: customers can immediately be transferred to the appropriate individual or department
  • Live Answer Detection: ability to direct connect to a staff member
  • Answering Machine Detection: ability to leave alternate message
  • Make Campaigns Unique: by controlling outbound caller ID’s
  • Professional Voice-Over Talent: record messages
  • Schedule campaign start time & call rate
  • Predictive power preview modes
  • Text to speech insertions
  • Seasonal licensing

Text Features

  • Customers have text back option to immediately converse with the appropriate individual or department
  • Interactive SMS from your business telephone number(s)
  • Schedule campaign start time & call rate
  • Custom date and time insertions

Steps to create a Strategic Campaign:

  1. Appointment confirmations with “Press 1” rescheduling
  2. Post appointment dissatisfaction alerts
  3. Review requests to satisfied customers

The VFP team has been instrumental in explaining and helping build dialer campaigns for my team. VFP was very hands-on with training for me and was always available to help with or answer any questions I had in a timely manner. Once VFP explained everything to me, they made sure I understood each process. Now everything we have sent up so far runs smoothly. I would recommend VFP to work with and the platform they support. It has made a big difference in how efficiently my team works and we will continue to use VFP going forward.

- Anticimex Carolinas

Why are customers suddenly calling and paying their bills?”

CSR at Viking Pest (first day of using the Auto-Dialer)
All Phone Systems are Not Created Equal

Learn how our Auto-Dialer can increase efficiency, productivity, and profitability.

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